Fisher 3
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Spa Fisher 3: betaalbaar, kleurvol, stijlvol voor 3 personen. Een mooie designer spa met een afmeting van 208 x 157 x 84 cm

3 995,00 €

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Spa Fisher 3
standaard met de grijze jets uitvoering
Maar ook te bestellen in de andere optionele kleuren (zie afbeeldingen)


Afmeting: 208 x 157 x 84 cm
3 x zitplaats (waarvan 1 lounger zitplaats)

Gewicht (leeg) 225 kg
Gewicht (gevuld) 825 kg
Watercapaciteit: 600 liter

19 x jet (verlicht, in te stellen op diverse kleuren)
1 x Jetpomp: 2.5pk
1 x LX dual speed pomp (circulatie + massage)
SpaNet besturingssysteem SV2 met variabele heater 3KW
SpaNet digitaal display

1 x Hoofdkussen (in diverse kleuren te bestellen)
2 x Geïntegreerde bekerhouders
Filteringssysteem met (50micron) lamel filter
Tuff Flex waterleidingsysteem

Kuip: Aristech Acryl
Kleur: gypsum (=pearl met structuurvorm)
Omkasting: kunststof
Kleur: donkergrijs

Optioneel bij te bestellen:

Spa Cover 10 cm dik: 350 EUR
Spa Trap: 145 EUR

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Australian's (Aussie's as we are known locally) have a proud history of relaxation, in, around and even under water. So it makes sense that an Aussie company should bring you what we believe, is the perfect spa.

Making a spa pool to cope with Australian conditions was no easy task. We had to build a spa that could cope with a range of extreme temperatures, from under freezing, to over scorching. It had to be able to deal with dust, dirt, sun screen and the occasional Koala. And Australia is not a country of bankers and chocolate makers, so we had to ensure that we produced a great spa, at a price that was reasonable.

So we set out to design a spa that dollar for dollar, gives you more. And we think we've pulled it off. Dollar for dollar, Vortex Spas do give you more. Above all else, we have designed a spa that is cheap to run, because we believe that you shouldn't be scared to use your spa every day of the week.

We also feel that clean water is vital and so we have developed a number of really cool technologies that give you the cleanest of water, without the need for bucketloads of harsh chemicals.You have to enjoy using your spa, so we've ensured that Vortex's in-spa experience matches that of some other spas out there that can cost twice as much.

So your spa lasts the distance, we hand build our Vortex spas tougher, to last longer. And to back this up, we give you one of the best warranties on the market.

Last but certainly not least, you want to spend Saturday's watching the footy, not maintaining your spa, so we have designed our Vortex spas to be easier to care for.